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<About measures to prevent the spread of infection at the exhibition>


● Alcoholic disinfectant is installed at the entrance of the venue.

● We regularly disinfect places that we touch.

●Ventilation is performed as much as possible to avoid becoming a closed space by opening doors.

●Staff wears a mask thoroughly.

● The staff thoroughly conducts regular hand washing and disinfection.

● Money will be delivered on the tray.

●When accepting customer inquiries, we will respond at regular intervals.



<Request to customers>


●Please wear a mask when visiting.

●Please help us disinfect your fingers when you enter the venue.

●Please cooperate to ensure a sufficient distance between customers and between customers and staff.

●When waiting for the checkout order, please line up with a wide distance from the person in front of you.

●Access may be restricted depending on the crowded situation in the venue.

●Please refrain from staying for a long time.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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